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Dark Chocolate Semifreddo with an Oreo crust

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Oh my. This sure enough put a definite end to my wedding diet. Well considering how the wedding is all done, dieting of course doesn’t matter ._. *runs and hides from husband’s glare* He is no position to speak cause he is the one who made it. One of the most decadent and easiest desserts we have made in a while. We did have some issues with whipping the cream but still easy enough.

The other day I came across this show by Gordon (Ramsay. Yes we are on first name basis) called Ultimate Home Cooking. Loved it. Very homey and shows a different side of Gordon cooking with his family. Anyhow, turns out he made this dessert in the first episode. The moment I saw it, I was like…


Anyways, now he did use pistachios but I am a purist when it comes to chocolate so no nuts for me. But we did add the oreo crust and chocolate chips to add variety in texture. Needless to say it was deliciousss. Recipe coming soon!