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Of weddings and the bridezilla

For all my new readers (whenever eventually you hopefully show up), I am getting married this year!! That is huge because the fiancé and I have been waiting for a long time for this. There is a whole story of why we have had to wait. That is for another blog. You know once I get to know you better internet. Too soon to be spilling my life out. One step at a time. But I digress. Anyways, so yay a wedding is on the horizon. So here’s the challenge for which I need the internet and the good people of the internet to help me power through.

Challenge #1: The wedding is in 4 months. Yes. I have 4 months to start and finish the wedding planning. 

Challenge #2: I don’t live in the country where the big fat wedding will be happening.

Challenge #3: Fiancé and I are in a long distance relationship.

Challenge #4: I did not think I would be a Bridezilla (yes I am a little of the restless and control freak and must get shit done variety, but still)

Lets start with these and we will get through to the rest in time. More in my follow-up blog. Challenge number 1: ACCEPTED.