What’s cooking this chilly Tuesday afternoon? Umm NO on the chilly part.

We are 2 days away for Halloweekend. Yes. So at this point in life you would not be wrong to expect temperatures to be in the 70s. But if you live in Florida, that can be a distant dream as I have come to realize. I used to always scoff at people who said things like this: ” I LOVE seasons!” or “I LOVE cool weather”. I did not understand that BUT Florida will be the end of the old me. Now, I LOVE seasons. After spending a tortuous winter in NY last year (Sorry for reminding everyone about that nightmare), I was very excited about the never ending summer that is Florida. But you know what, I miss my warm fuzzy jackets, my warm cuddly uggs, and warm food. That sounds weird: warm food? There are some recipes that scream winter and I miss them all.

So, you know what, I’m going turn the temperate down in the house and have a winter party. Or give it a few weeks and I will be eating my words cause I miss the summer. Who knows.

So back to the post, what is cooking today? I am making turkey burgers! Woohoo. I got some amazing goat cheese yesterday and have been scouring the internet for recipes. A burger seems fitting. I am even considering making my own buns. *GASP* More to come on that. IF it was success.

Also, this past weekend I had some amazing baked brie with some macadamia nuts and fun other toppings. I’m hooked and will go exploring for some recipes. You got ideas, come share and save me some googling. There is only SO much google-fu a gal can do in a day. Or is there? *What is in this coffee?*

Also, I am going to be doing some collaboration posts with family aka my sister 🙂 Watch out for that. VERY excited for this one. I’ll do a profile introducing her as well!

Have a fun afternoon guys and lets talk tonight after my burger expedition.

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