The Easy Aioli

I’m not the biggest fan of sandwiches. Yup. Blasphemy. I know. But I just don’t enjoy them as much. I enjoy burgers every now and then (a really really good burger) but sandwiches, I can pass on. Anyways, since the husband’s back in school again, we’ve resorted to sandwiches on some week days. Oi vey. 

So to keep things interesting, I was determined to find a secret ingredient that would make the sandwich, well, amazing! That’s when I chanced on the aioli. I have had different kinds of Aiolis in the past but never made one. And to be completely honest, did not know what it looked like or what it really was. It was always in my burger but who knew what it looked like.

I’ll share my Aioli for Dummys guide with people who are in need, like I was earlier today. Aioli essentially comes from Spanish cuisine and stands for a garlic oil sauce. Essentially, think about it as a Garlic Mayonnaise if you will. But better. Now for most American sandwiches, a Mustard Aioli is a great addition. And since I am lazy on most weekdays as most people, here is an easy recipe that you can whip up in about 4-5 minutes using a, wait for it, BLENDER! It is traditionally made with a mortar and pestle and if you want to do that, more power to you. It may take you about 15-20 minutes with the pestle, which is not THAT bad, I guess. 

Anyways, here it is. I smeared one of the sandwich buns with the aioli and then added the fresh vegetables and lettuce and such. You can add a dollop (such a fun word haha) on top or just eat it on the side or dip veggies in it. Wow I get carried away.

Bon Apetit!


3 Garlic Cloves, finely minced

2 Egg Yolks

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

1 Tsp Dijon Mustard (You can add another half tsp if you love the mustard flavor)

1/4 Tsp Salt ( a little bit will go a long way)

0.5 Cup Olive Oil

1. Add the first five ingredients ( all except Olive Oil) to the blender and make sure its all smooth and blended well. This would take about 10 seconds. Stir it with a spatula or spoon.

2. Now is the fun part. Once Step 1 is completed, open the small opening at the top of the blender and start dripping in olive oil. You will see that the mixture will start to emulsify and get thicker and lighter colored as you keep going. Few things here:

a. Make sure the blender is on low. 

b. Ensure the oil is dripping down slowly but steadily. There should not be oil puddling up in the blender. So go slow. 

Keep blending until its thick like mayonnaise. Now you may or may not need more oil (See how specific I am). What I mean is that, this amount of oil may perfectly suffice in getting that thickness. So if you need it to be more viscous, add more oil and keep blending. If not, call it a day and go have your sammich.